4x the finest barbecue wines

The barbecue is smoldering. The meat is ready. The table is laid. Salads, olives, some bread and sauces. Jugs of water to refresh yourself and lemonade for the children. But what will the true grillmeister pour himself and other guests in? If it’s up to us a delicious Greek wine of course! White, rose or maybe red: all is possible. Which bottle is the best to uncork? Well, one of our 4 favorite barbecue wines of course. 

Super Summer: Biblia Chora rosé

The easiest option is to get yourself a rose. Delicious in the summer and almost always a good choice. That’s on itself certainly not a wrong choice. But if you choose to go with a rose, you gotta do it the right way. With our Biblia Chora Rose you’ll do good enough. Dry, fruity, delicate and also important: Delicious! If you even begin to see the fine and beautiful pomegranate colour, the water will start dripping out of your mouth, right?

For special occassions: Gaia Thalassitis Oak Fermented

The life goal of Yiannis Paraskevopoulos and Leon Karatsalos is to let every wine enthusiast worldwide enjoy the best that Greece has to offer in terms of wines. These men made it their mission to produce crown jewels for their winehouse Gaia. As is the case with the oak and acacia oak matured Gaia Thalassitis Oak Fermented. This assyrtiko with tones of wood, vanilla and acacia flower tastes even better with a light fish or grilled shellfish. One of the barbecue wines that makes special occasions even more special.

barbecue wines white wine

Try-out red BBQ wines: Moschopolis Aiora Red

Serve red wine at a barbecue. In most countries, this is not very common. We like to change that narrative. So yes! With warm temperatures a red wine can be delicious. Moschopolis Aiora Red is one of the most suitable wines with a delicious piece of grilled lambs or beef. This blend of mavrotragano, xinomavro and syrah is a every one’s friend of which the taste of the grapes are next level. The long aftertaste delivers enjoyment with every sip.

Tip: Put it in the refrigerator a half hour before pouring in.

red barbecue wines

The sweet valve: Gerovassiliou Malagousia 

The meat has been eaten. The fire is almost extinguished. Children are roasting marshmallows on the very last pieces of coal. There is always an end. But there is also always a dessert. This Gerovassiliou Malagousia is not to be missed with that dessert. With a lively taste it can be a good ending for your barbecue. With galaktoboureko – a delicious Greek custard cake – as dessert you will have the perfect combination and find yourself in a delusion where you will be just one moment in Greece. This is enjoyable! 

barbecue wijnen dessert

These 4 Greek barbecue wines are just a small selection of our fine collection. Take a look here for more Greek wines that match with barbecuing. And make sure that The Best Greek Wines is also tagged on Instagram. Like!