Complaints procedure

We at The Best Greek Wines are doing everything we can to make sure you will enjoy the finest Greek wines. Is there still something wrong with your wine or product? Mail your complaint within 7 days to [email protected]. We will answer your complaint within 14 days after receiving. When we need longer to answer your complaint correctly, we will let you know within these 14 days.

We always ask you to contact us first. If we do not come to any compromise, then it is possible for you to let an independent dispute committee handle your complaint. The conclusion of this committee is binding for both customer and company. If you like your complaint to be handled by the dispute committee, keep in mind that there will be costs that need to be payed by the customer to the dispute committee. It is also possible to report your complaints to the European ODR Platform ( When your complaint is just, we as company are obliged to repair or replace your order for free.