La Tour Melas Palies Rizes
2020 | Stylida, Central Greece

La Tour Melas Palies Rizes

What would winemakers from Saint-Émilion or Margaux do if the typical Greek grapes grew there? With that in mind, the La Tour Melas team started their vineyard years ago. Today, both French and Greek grape varieties grow in their paradise on the Aegean Sea. La Tour Melas Palies Rizes is a red wine that brings together the best of both worlds. Complex aromas of cherry, plum, raspberry, but also vanilla, cinnamon and even violets. The rich red wine surprises with an extensive palette of flavors, acidity and juicy tannins. Vive la Grèce!
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    powerful and complex red
    Stylida, Central Greece
    Alcohol content
    0.75 L

About the winemakers

When Kyros Melas in Zürich had tasted from Chateau La Fleur, he took on a bet: He would produce in Greece a wine that would be at least as good. He began planting near village Achinos in central Greece. In a region without a tradition of winemaking. Kyros Melas found this very strange. Because the soil, the slope and the fantastic climate of the nearby Aegean sea, with evening breeze to cool the vines create a perfect microclimate for a vineyard. The growing inventory of quality wines of Greek as well as French grapes is living proof. La Tour Melas keeps looking for the ultimate quality wine, just as long until every possibility of the soil is being used. 


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