Thymiopoulos Atma Red
2020 | Naoussa

Thymiopoulos Atma Red

Meet the Atma Red: Xinomavro, a leading Greek grape variety and the pride of Naoussa, joined Mandilaria, grown in the volcanic rock of Santorini. Definitely not an everyday combination. They are complex grape varieties and both contain firm tannins. Despite this, the label says 'soft and fruity' - according to winemaker Thymiopoulos, this is th to the non-use of wood aging. As a result, the Atma Red has become a very unique fresh and fruity wine. Delicious with a piece of aged cheese or a lamb chop.
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About the winemakers

The Thymiopoulos family has been active in the agricultural sector and into winemaking for over centuries. But it used to just sell grapes. Until Apostolos Thymiopoulos turned the farm into a winehouse. Apostolos is jokingly being called ‘The Greek Godfather of Xin’ by vinologists. He has 23 acres of planted soil with just one grape: Xinomavro. Thanks to his durable techniques and the way he runs the business (he lets nature go her own way on his vineyards and asks known associates from the village to maintain these) the wines become an incredible success. With the entry of his first wine in 2005, ‘Earth and Sky’, the winehouse got international recognition. 


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