Skouras Peplo
2022 | Nemea, Peloponnese

Skouras Peplo

A very unique and special rosé. The three grape varieties have all been nurtured differently: one in a barrel, the other in a tank and the last in an amphora, a kind of jar. This results in a fantastic fragrance, which really blows you away. The taste and mouthfeel are very enjoyable. You've never tasted anything like it before!
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Nemea, Peloponnese

About the winemakers

George Skouras began his career in the garage of his father in Argos. He rented vineyards and wine material of other Greeks in the region Nemea and used manual bottle machines. Pretty primitive, but the wines already were of high quality. Nowadays the vineyards of Domaine Skouras are located in Argolida, in the region Korinthe and naturally in Nemea. The philosophy of these wines are based on four elements: The degree of purity, racial purity, the atmosphere of the region and the rich characteristics of the soil. Together with his team, he has one purpose: To achieve the optimal maturity and create the best possible grape. Because the better the harvest fruit, the better is the wine. 


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