T-Oinos Clos Stegasta Assyrtiko
2019 | Cyclades

T-Oinos Clos Stegasta Assyrtiko

A great assyrtiko that didn't originate from Santorini? T-Oinos proves it is possible with their Clos Stegasta Assyrtiko. The vines grow at an altitude of 450 meters and fight the elements every day. Only the strongest specimens deserve a place in the Clos Stegasta vineyard. So they are real survivers. You can taste that zest in the T-Oinos Clos Stegasta Assyrtiko. It is a powerful white wine, but not too powerful due to a lot of minerality. You can taste that this wine has had woodriping. Still, it's the light value that steals the show. At the first sip you immediately understand why the island of Tinos is called the second home of the assyrtiko.

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    full and rich white
    Alcohol content

About the winemakers

Hidden in the north of the Cyclades lies the island Tinos. With its moon-like landscape and rocks, you would think it is not really an ideal place to locate a winehouse. The legend says that the God of wind Aeolus is living on the island. Tough conditions really. Despite all this Alexandros Avantangelos chose Tinos as the location for the biggest adventure of his lifetime. After the necessary preparations he planted the first T-Oinos vines in 2002. Covered by the stone ‘terrace’ the plants grew into a full-fledged vineyard of world class level. And even now the team is coddling the vines. You’ll taste that love in every sip you take!

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